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12 August

Overriding Your “Fear of Failure” Button

We do a lot of Design Thinking research here at EdStart [Y]Labs. In fact, 99% of our daily innovation efforts are a complete failure, making some days, well, pretty frustrating. But when that 1% little gem of an idea finally does turn into a successful reality, there’s no question whether it was worth it. It’s […]

30 July

Meeting Mr. Pythagoras on the Way to Home Depot

We’ve been tinkering away in our labs to create an initial set of small multirotors (quadcopters and tricopters aka “Drones”) for schools that are easy to build from parts obtained at the local hardware store. While we were making a list, we bumped into old Mr. Pythagorus.

18 July

What the FAA needs is a good BYOD Acceptable Use Policy.

There’s been a very public battle between the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the AMA (American Modeling Association) and every hobbyist pilot who just wants to fly their unmanned aerial aircraft. While we cringe every time we hear about some yahoo flying their ‘drone’ through a fireworks display without any regard to public safety, we find […]